Tourism 2015

Tourism 2015 builds on the lessons learned and successes of Tourism 2010, the predecessor to the current Plan. Since Tourism 2010 was launched in 2005/2006, the tourism industry in the Northwest Territories has faced new challenges and new opportunities for growth.

Developed in close consultation with the tourism industry and NWT Tourism, Tourism 2015 represents an investment in people, communities and businesses. The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment will invest $1 million annuallly in six key program areas: marketing, infrastructure, skills development, community and industry engagement, research and Aboriginal tourism. In addition, ITI will be actively seeking partnerships with other agencies, governments and businesses to develop the potential of our industry.

The overall goal of Tourism 2015 is to increase the value of the tourism industry to $130 million by 2015/2016. This goal is based on developing four key market segments: camping and touring, outdoor adventure, aurora viewing and business travel.

Our tourism industry has tremendous potential. By developing a dynamic partnership of industry and government, the NWT can be marketed as a premier travel destination with an environmentally sustainable tourism industry.

The full details of the GNWT's investment and initiatives to develop and expand our tourism industry can be found in Tourism 2015: New Directions for a Spectacular Future.