Community Tourism Coordinator Program

The Community Tourism Coordinator Program furthers the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI) mandate to support for tourism development by assisting capacity-challenged communities' development of sustainable marketable tourism products and packages.


The goal of the Program will be achieved by meeting the following objectives:

  1. To build capacity within NWT communities for the sustainable development of tourism as an economic driver and catalyst for the enhancement of quality of life in communities.
  2. To support one-stop shop windows through the Community Tourism Coordinator positions for the development of marketable tourism products and packages in qualified NWT communities.
  3. To increase the number of quality sustainable tourist products in qualified NWT communities.
  4. To increase the total number of marketable tour packages to qualified NWT communities.
  5. To enhance the quality of tourism products and packages available in qualified NWT communities and the overall NWT tourism product.
  6. To increase total tourist visitation and spending to NWT communities

Priority Communities

Applicants will be assessed based on the criteria indicated below:

  • Communities that have indicated a concrete desire to develop tourism through a tourism development strategy or an economic development strategy with a strong emphasis on tourism development.
  • Communities that have an organization capable of providing operational support to the position. This will be an organization that is part of the governance institutions of the community or is community-owned but cannot be a privately-owned for profit
  • Communities that have the ability and willingness to contribute the minimum $15,000 or 30 percent equity (whichever is greater) for the Program.
  • Communities with an excellent score on the community tourism readiness assessment criteria matrix.

Program Principles

In developing and applying this Program, ITI will be guided by the following principles:

  • The GNWT is a partner with other levels of government and communities for financing the Community Tourism Coordinator positions, and expects communities to also contribute financially and in-kind towards the operations of these positions.
  • Financing for these positions is through a Contribution Agreement (CA) to identified community organizations only and will not involve the set up and maintenance of operations by the GNWT.
  • Successful applicants will be selected through a rigorous community tourism readiness assessment criteria developed by ITI.
  • All requests for financial assistance will be considered in a process that provides for timeliness, objectivity and transparency.
  • Program information will be readily available to all communities of the NWT.
  • The GNWT will not assume any human resources-related responsibilities towards any of these positions.
  • The GNWT portion of the financing for these positions is limited to available specific approved funding and subject to appropriation.

This program is not currently accepting applications. The deadline will be posted when the program is accepting applications​.