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Mineral Resources Act

A New Mineral Resources Act for the NWT

Fresh Approaches for a Strong, Stable Mining Industry


The Northwest Territories has a long mining history. For nearly a century, we have grown and prospered from the resources that are within our land.

The extraction of gold and other base metals was the early foundation of our economy and, alongside the cultures and traditions of our people, has served to shape our resilient modern society.

Beginning in the 90’s, Canada’s Northwest Territories nurtured a new era of ethical, responsible diamond production in North America. It marked a new chapter in our North’s economy as northern and Aboriginal companies, powered by investments from the mining industry, emerged to play a pivotal role in almost every area of business; driving opportunities for investment and developing a skilled and vibrant northern workforce.

Today, with significant cobalt, lithium, bismuth, and rare earth metals, our mining industry is positioned to power the clean economy of the future and to, once again, move our territory forward.

Mining in the NWT means more than just business opportunities, jobs and training; it is more than spin-off benefits and downstream industries, community sponsorship programs and scholarships. With hundreds of millions in economic activity and revenues generated each year, the NWT mining industry is bettering the lives of residents and communities far beyond our mine sites; and providing the economic foundation on which we’re building our future.

That's why it's so important we bring our legislation and regulation in-line with the realities of doing business in today's Northwest Territories. 

What Are We Doing? 

Thanks to Devolution, the laws, on which government regulation, fiscal policy, and operational guidelines are based, are now up to us to put in place.

The Government of the Northwest Territories is working to establish a new legislative environment that will govern surface and subsurface mining and mineral exploration activities in the NWT.

The process to create a new Mineral Resources Act for the NWT is being led by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment, which shares  responsibility for regulating the mining sector with the Departments of Lands, Environment and Natural Resources, and Justice.

Our goal is to establish modern, leading-edge legislation that will protect our territory’s future, address the realities of modern mineral development and provide for the sustainable, accountable and responsible development of our territory’s enormous mineral wealth in the interest of all NWT residents.

How Can I Have My Say? 

The process is in early stages at this time. Stay tuned for public comment submission instructions.