Core Sample Facility Stocks Up

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June 13, 2017

One of the largest collections of publicly available core samples continues to move closer to opening its doors in Yellowknife.

Trailers of core samples are now being delivered to the new Geological Materials Storage Facility in Yellowknife.

The project, led by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment’s NWT Geological Survey (NTGS) division, will make  core and rock samples from a huge array of known NWT mineral deposits available for study and re-analysis at a fraction of the cost of drilling new holes.

Core Samples On Shelf

Core samples being loaded on to shelves

The collection and facility is a useful tool for explorers because, while exploration companies often abandon properties which did not meet there deposit criterea, there may be more minerals to be found within a given sample — minerals which could lead to an expanded exploration program.

The team is hard at work organizing and cataloguing the core samples — most of which were donated by exploration companies and stored off-site.

Investing in this facility is one way the GNWT is supporting the competitiveness of exploration in the Northwest Territories as part of its mandate to encourage responsible mineral development in the territory.

The facility is expected to open in late summer.