One Of Our Own: Community Tourism Coordinator - Deline

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December 1, 2017

With legendary fish, pure waters and a rich, vibrant culture, who wouldn’t want to visit Délįne?  The only community on the shores of the NWT’s Great Bear Lake, can even boast that it was the birthplace of ice hockey, back in the 1820s! 

Enter Danielle Takazo; new to the position of Community Tourism Coordinator for this culturally rich and awe-inspiring town, her role is to support and grow tourism in the region.

Danielle’s new job is one that evolved from consultations around the GNWT’s Tourism 2020 plan; and was made possible for the first time this year with funding from the Department of Industry Tourism and Investment’s Community Tourism Coordinator Program.

Délįne has much to offer high-end adventure seekers from around the world.  Danielle will provide a one-stop shop for interested visitors, tour operators, media, and more.

She will promote her community by attending tradeshows, networking, and developing consumer products.  By highlighting the opportunity to experience wildlife in their natural habitat, Aboriginal traditions, world class fishing or the serenity of canoeing one of the largest lakes in the world, her goal is to lure as many people as possible to discover the natural wonder of the place she calls home.  

Another of Danielle’s roles will be to organize tours on behalf of Destination Délįne!  She will help develop tour itineraries, organize meals and hire guides for hiking, boating and fishing excursions.  Tourists will also be able to have Danielle direct them to cultural events, such as drum dances or hand games tournaments.  

Supporting the development of sustainable and marketable tourism ventures and locations helps support the diversification of our economy and create jobs.