Lutsel' Ke Community Agriculture Project

Agriculture and the Environment

What is it?

Agriculture & the Environment program provides funding to evaluate and understand the potential impact of agriculture on the environment and to ensure controls are in place. The objectives are:

  • Enhance access in the NWT to agricultural information and resources.
  • Expand and refine databases on soil capabilities and production zones.
  • Investigate, adapt, and implement environmentally friendly technologies and methods for waste management, energy sources, storage, food processing, and invasive species controls.

What is the purpose?

Funding is available to provide support for developing environmental sustainability within agriculture sector in the NWT. Up to $10 000 in funding is available for costs associated with:

  • Implementation of environmental farm plans.
  • Mitigation of agriculture caused environmental impact.
  • Studies that collect data for soil database and production zones.
  • Studies that identify and mitigate the impact of invasive species.
  • NOTE: Travel costs must be consistent with GNWT travel expense guidelines.

Eligible Recipients

All NWT residents, individual agriculture producers and agri-food processors, agri-businesses, non-profit organizations, agricultural associations, communities, and Territorial and Municipal government are eligible.

How do I apply?

  • Download an application below and submit it to your regional ITI office.
  • Provide detailed information including cost, objectives, and success indicators.
  • Financial accountability and a final report covering all final productions and indicators of success are required.

To learn more, contact your regional ITI office.