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Agriculture Awareness Initiative

What is it?

The Agricultural Awareness Initiative is a program promoting the agriculture and agri-foods sector across the NWT and provide information to all residents on the benefits of agricultural development. It provides funding for producers, commodity organizers, agribusiness, and public and private agencies to develop and implement agriculture awareness and education activities.

What is the purpose?

Funding is available to enhance the public’s perception of agriculture and its role in the economy. You can be eligible for up to $5000 for activities that promote agriculture awareness and education such as:

  • Planning information documents, training, and education campaigns.
  • Planning, organizing, or hosting workshops and conferences.
  • Recruiting and training spokespersons.
  • Developing awareness resources such as: websites, videos, displays, publications, etc.

Eligible Recipients

All NWT producers, commodity organizations, agri-businesses, public and private agencies, and municipal and territories government bodies that will develop and implement agriculture awareness and education are eligible.

How do I apply?

  • Submit an application to your regional ITI office.
  • Provide detailed information on the project, the plan and objectives, audience, and success indicators.
  • Draft production of materials needs to be submitted for approval prior to final production.
  • Financial accountability and a final report covering all final productions and indicators of success are required.

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