Children Playing in Crops

Growing Forward

The Government of the Northwest Territories is partnered with the Government of Canada in its delivery of programs for the agriculture sector. Under the banner "Growing Forward", it is delivering programs that are simple, more effective and tailored to the needs of the NWT's agricultural community.

April 1 marked the official launch of the Growing Forward 2 (GF2) policy framework. GF2 is a $3 billion dollar investment by federal, provincial and territorial governments, and the foundation for government agricultural programs and services over the next five years.

The Canada – NWT GF2 Agreement aims to build upon the momentum gained over the past decade by investing $6.1 million into the sector over the next five years. This investment aims to continue and enhance building community, regional and territorial capacity by:

  • Building upon the success of the Small Scale Foods Program
  • Promoting commercial development through Market Gardens, Commercial Greenhouses, Urban And Rural Farm development and Commercial Harvesting
  • Enhancement of the Traditional Harvest, including Take a Kid Harvesting programs
  • Investing in science and research to diversify crops, introduce new technology, explore means to increase efficiencies and yields and environmental stewardship
  • Developing and expanding markets
  • Increasing agriculture and agri-foods awareness

For more information on Growing Forward 2 programs, contact your regional ITI office. A detailed program brochure and application form for GF2 programs are available below.