A Small Urban Garden

Small Scale Foods Program

What is it?

The Small Scale Foods program enables the installation and establishment of self-sufficient community-based gardens and greenhouses in 30 communities throughout the NWT. Existing community gardens and greenhouses will be built upon and expanded while new initiatives will be established.

Community educational activities include agricultural workshops and seminars to educate the public on starting and maintaining a community garden.

This program is targeted at communities outside of NWT regional centres who would benefit the most from these initiatives and is administered and delivered by regional Economic Development Officers.

What is the Purpose?

To install and establish self-sufficient, community-based gardens and greenhouses in communities throughout the NWT that are outside major regional distribution centres. This can include:

  • Community educational activities.
  • Planning, design, coordination, construction, and student assistance for maintaining existing gardens and establishing new gardens and greenhouse operations.

Eligible Recipients

  • Communities outside the major regional centres.

For more information contact your regional ITI office or contact the Agriculture Hotline