About Parks

To truly experience the Northwest Territories, take your camping gear for a highway driving adventure! Long ribbons of road without traffic jams or urban clutter take you through vast landscapes with unrivaled vistas — scenic boreal forests, breath-taking waterfalls, mountains, plains and valleys.

Take your time, explore. Savour the wide-open spaces and quiet of the wilderness. surround yourself with wild beauty and the whispers of history. Immerse yourself in the ancient heritage of our aboriginal people. Discover the comfort and natural beauty of our well-maintained territorial parks. All along the highway, stopping places beckon: wayside picnic areas, campgrounds, parks, quaint churches, traditional villages, tumbling rapids or roaring waterfalls. You’ll find countless places to camp, fish, view wildlife, canoe, pick berries, take a photo or a hike.

Territorial parks are owned and operated by the Government of the Northwest Territories and most are open from May 15th to September 15th. Most campgrounds are readily accessible from the highways. When you enjoy one of our pristine camping spots, please be sure to leave it that way for the next visitor. Welcome to the Northwest Territories!

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Within the 1.17 million square kilometres of the spectacular Northwest Territories are a multitude of beautiful parks and campgrounds.