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Indigenous Tourism Champions Program

This program is not currently accepting applications. 

The Indigenous Tourism Champions Program is a specialized program where selected individuals act as a resource in smaller communities in the Northwest Territories (NWT) to develop, expand and improve authentic Aboriginal tourism products and initiatives.

This program provides individuals with the opportunity, guidance and financial support to help develop tourism in Indigenous communities or to assist tourism operators to incorporate elements of Aboriginal culture into existing tourism operations.

Please review the guidelines below for more detail.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility under this program is restricted to NWT residents of Indigenous ancestry (First Nations, Inuit, or Métis) who were born in and reside in a NWT community.

Selected Champions are expected to:

  • Help communities include and develop Indigenous tourism initiatives
  • Work to increase the number of Indigenous cultural tourism products and facilities
  • Expand the number of authentic Indigenous tourism products to give visitors a true cultural experience
  • Increase the number of skilled workers in the Indigenous tourism industry through training, workshops and other initiatives
  • Foster development of new Indigenous tourism businesses, help existing businesses grow and improve the profitability of Indigenous tourism operations
  • Consult and maintain effective relationships with government agencies, local governments, the tourism industry, and other individuals and organizations associated with Aboriginal tourism and Idnigenous tourism activities.


ITI provides each Champion with a financial contribution to perform their duties. The contribution is based on a work plan that is agreed to by both the Champion and ITI.

The maximum contribution per year, per Champion, is $5,000 and may include the following eligible costs:

  • Travel to selected communities where the Champion is delivering programs
  • Meeting logistics such as facility rentals, catering or door prizes
  • Communication and promotional materials

Please note that travel costs to deliver specific training and workshops may be covered separately by ITI. Contact your regional Tourism Development Officer for further information.

Costs or Fees

There are no costs or fees associated with this program, however, please review the list of ineligible expenses in the guidelines below.

Required Documents

When applying to be an Aboriginal Tourism Champion, you will need to include a:

  • Completed and signed application form
  • Workplan that outlines your proposed activities and how the funding will be used for eligible expenses for those activities.

How to Apply

This program is not currently accepting applications. 


North Slave Regional Office

Tel: (867) 767-9212 


South Slave Regional Office

Tel: (867) 872-8046 


Dehcho Regional Office

Tel: (867) 695-7500 


Sahtu Regional Office

Tel: (867) 587-7171 


Beaufort Delta Regional Office

Tel: (867) 777-7196