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ITI Minister Caroline Wawzonek marked Canadian Agriculture Day yesterday by highlighting three key investments made this winter under the federal Canadian Agriculture Partnership.

$400,000 for NWT Major Growers

Caroline Wawzonek: Investments in Northwest Territories Agriculture Industry

As we celebrate Agriculture Day this year, the Department of Industry Tourism and Investment is preparing to implement the fourth year of the GNWT’s Agriculture Strategy – The Business of Food- A Food Production Plan.

Since 2017, ITI has supported over 300 initiatives by entrepreneurs, local communities Indigenous governments and organizations across the NWT designed to advance and evolve food production.

The GNWT’s mandate includes a commitment to: Increase economic diversification by supporting growth in non-extractive sectors and setting regional diversification targets – including agriculture.

The Department has invested in planning, training, capacity building, community partnerships and regulatory improvements designed to position the NWT’s commercial agriculture sector to increase its production of fresh, healthy, safe and more-affordable locally grown food choices.

Investments in agriculture will support additional mandate commitments to: Increase food security through locally produced, harvested, and affordable food; and Increase employment in small communities.

Numerous funding programs exist under the Canadian Agriculture Partnership to support a wide variety of projects open to NWT Residents, Businesses, Communities, Governments and Organizations.

These programs include:

Agriculture Training Program

Funding for participation in commercial agriculture-oriented courses, training or conferences

Agriculture and Food Processing Development Program

Various grants and contributions to support your idea or initiative for increasing food production in the NWT

Agriculture and Agri-Food Research Program

Funding for research on new crops, production and processing techniques, value-added agri-food products and commercial forest products

Agriculture and the Environment Program

Contributions for activities that enhance available agriculture information and environmentally-friendly agriculture

Agriculture Awareness Initiative

Funding for activities promoting agriculture awareness

Food Safety Program

Guidance for developing food safety strategies, implementing environmental farm safety systems, training and equipment; and

Market Development Program

Marketing support and shipping cost subsidies to help your agriculture business increase its competitiveness; and

Small Scale Foods Program

Funding for communities to support and promote agriculture programming in their regions 

Funding contributions may also be available under ITI’s SEED policy or from its Northern Food Development Program.  Keep in mind application deadlines for April 1 projects.

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