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Aboriginal Capacity Building Program

What is it?

The Petroleum Resources Division provides programs and services that promote and support Northwest Territories (NWT) petroleum/minerals resource development and build Aboriginal and community capacity to participate in and benefit from resource development.  The Program is designed to work in partnership with other economic development and sector-specific oil, gas and mineral programs to build economic opportunities at the regional and community levels.

What is the purpose?

This program considers proposals that:

  • Support petroleum/minerals resource development via community oil and gas/minerals education and outreach, Aboriginal business training/course needs;
  • Establishes or expands petroleum/minerals industry networking opportunities (conference attendance requests would qualify);
  • Improves knowledge and capacity to participate in business activities in the oil and gas/minerals sector;
  • Supports Aboriginal upstream and midstream equity/investment, supply, service, logistics and transportation business model development / start-up funding / feasibility studies;
  • Supports Aboriginal private petroleum lands Call-cycle planning and administration;
  • Supports hydrocarbon or minerals resource characterization (on Aboriginal private lands); and
  • Supports innovative petroleum/minerals resource development projects and programs from NWT non-aboriginal organizations, school boards, chambers of commerce and municipal governments.

What are the funds for?

  • Training courses
  • Conference/Event Attendance
  • Planning or feasibility studies related to minerals, oil and gas related opportunities
  • Consultant services related to minerals, oil and gas related opportunities
  • Development of innovative marketing and promotion products

Funds are NOT to be used for:

  • Per Diems, incidentals, honorariums, administration costs or salaries.

What Information do I need to provide?

  • Applicants must clearly identify the need for funding;
  • Applicants must supply supporting data deemed relevant by the Regional Superintendent for regional applications or Director of Petroleum Resources;
  • All recipients of contribution assistance must agree to public disclosure of activities funded by the Program.  In addition, the recipients are responsible to account for funding received and provide a project report; and
  • Applicants who fail to meet their commitments as outlined in the Contribution Agreement will be required to repay contribution assistance.

How do I apply?

  • Submit an application to your regional ITI office
  • Provide detailed information on the project, the plan and objectives, audience, and success indicators.
  • Financial accountability and a final report covering all products, results/outcomes and indicators of success are required.