Agriculture and Agri-Food Research Program

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This program supports new crops, production and processing techniques, value-added agri-food products, and commercial forest products by funding your research.

Funding Available

Applicants are required to contribute at least 10 per cent of cost value to the project (i.e. as cash or in-kind contributions).  Sweat equity will be recognized when it is a relevant cost.

Funding is available for:

  • consultant fees
  • project design
  • third party labour
  • project supplies
  • materials and equipment
  • professional, technical and analytical support
  • field preparation and minor maintenance of research facilities
  • presentation preparation costs and travel


Applications accepted year-round.

Funding is allocated annually, starting fresh April 1 of each year.


The following are eligible to apply:

  • NWT farmers
  • Food producers
  • Processors
  • Agri-businesses
  • Local and Indigenous governments involved in the agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products industry (this includes individuals, businesses, Indigenous organizations, industry associations and non-for-profits whose mandate is related to agriculture and agri-foods production or processing).

Applications will be accepted for small research projects (i.e. on-farm applied research) where:

  • Final research findings and summary reports are made available to the public and
  • The research is relevant and applicable to advancing agriculture and the agri-food sector in the NWT.

Reimbursement for travel costs must be consistent with GNWT travel expense guidelines.

How to apply

  1. Complete an application form.
  2. Submit the completed application form to your regional office.

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