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Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program

The Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur (GMVF) Program provides NWT Trappers with “one window” access to the international fur auction market for fur harvested in the NWT.  In addition, the Program actively markets and promotes fur at international venues through partnerships with other harvesting jurisdictions and the private sector.

The distinctive label, depicting a traditional Dene snowshoe, guarantees the buyer a single source of high quality authentic NWT-harvested fur.

The GMVF label is only available to documented buyers of exclusive GMVF fur bundles. At the buyer’s request, hangtags are also available to compliment these labels.

GMVF labels and hangtags are distributed exclusively by Fur Harvesters Auctions Inc. Please be sure to specify quantities and type of label required.

Three Northern Canadian wild fur labels, including Genuine Mackenzie Valley Furs are marketed collectively under the brand NORTHERN CANADIAN WILD FUR COLLECTION™.

There are five sub-programs to the GMVF Program:

Fur Price Program 

Provides protection against sudden and unanticipated declines in market prices and pays all associated costs of selling furs at auction, including shipping and drumming. 

Guaranteed Fur Advance 

Provides trappers with fully guaranteed interim funds to continue trapping while still awaiting the sale of furs at auction.

Trapper's Grubstake 

Provides eligible trappers with funds to defray a portion of their start up costs at the beginning of each trapping season.

Prime Fur Bonus Program 

Provides funds based upon successful market performance and provides an incentive to deliver high quality well-handled fur pelts for sale. Prime Fur Bonus is paid when the value of fur sold at auction meets or exceeds the value of the advance. 

Hide Procurement Program - Support to Traditional Crafts 

Provides local artisans with prime NWT-harvested hides to produce high-quality traditional arts and crafts.

All wild furs in the GMVF Collection are harvested as part of an ongoing, centuries-old tradition using the most humane trapping techniques in the fur industry today and comply with European market guidelines and standards set out in the Agreement on International Humane Trap Standards.