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Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program

Guaranteed Advance Program

The Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program (GMVF) provides Guaranteed Advances to trappers delivering prime fur for sale. The amount is influenced by the anticipated market performance and pelts need to be in good condition in order to be eligible for consideration. Advances are reconciled when the fur is sold and if the furs sell for less than the advance in auction, the GMVF program absorbs the cost.

Who is eligible?

  • Individuals who hold a valid NWT General Hunting License, Special Trapping License, and/or beneficiaries of NWT land claims, who are residents of the NWT, are eligible for benefits under the Guaranteed Advance program.

How much is the advance?

  • The prices are influenced by the anticipated market price and determined by the Traditional Economy Advisory Committee. The value is pre-determined for each species. If the fur sells for more than the Guaranteed Advance price, the trapper receives the additional proceeds and may be eligible for a Prime Fur Bonus too.  

How do I receive the Guaranteed Advance?

  • Bring your furs to your local Environmental and Natural Resources (ENR) office.

  • Register in the ENR database.

  • If the fur is eligible for a guaranteed advance, you will receive cash from the officer.

What is the difference in fur quality?

Good Quality Fur:

  • Prime and clean.
  • Good dense fur coverage.
  • Well-handled, boarded clean leather and minor scars.
  • Bear, wolf, and wolverine must have claws, pads, intact and lips, eyes, and ears prepared to taxidermy standards.

Poor Quality Fur:

  • Not prime, rubbed.
  • Flat fur, poor coverage.
  • Poorly handled and/or over stretched.
  • Stained fur (greasy) and leather stale (yellowed) or green leather.

Accepted furs:

  • Bear, Beaver, Coyote, Fox, Lynx, Marten, Mink, Muskrat, Otter, Squirrel, Seal, Weasel, Wolf, Wolverine 

For more information on preparing your pelts for maximum market value, see the Trapper Workshops section.

Contact your regional representative for more information.