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Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program

Prime Fur Bonus Program

The bonus provides an incentive to deliver high quality well-handled pelts for sale. A Prime Fur Bonus is paid to trappers following successful market performance. If a trapper’s fur sells for an amount equal to or greater than the guaranteed advance received, the trapper may be entitled to receive a Prime Fur Bonus payment. It provides an incentive to deliver high quality, well-handled pelts.

Who is eligible?

  • Individuals who hold a valid NWT General Hunting License, Special Trapping License, and/or beneficiaries of NWT land claims, who are residents in the NWT, are eligible for benefits under the Prime Fur Bonus program.

How do I receive the Prime Fur bonus?

  • Bring your furs to your local Environmental and Natural Resources (ENR) office.
  • Register in the ENR database.
  • If the furs sell at auction for either equal to or more than the guaranteed advance, you may be eligible for a Prime Fur bonus. A check will then be sent in the mail.

How is the Prime Fur Bonus Calculated?

The amount is pre-determined by anticipated market performace for each of the accepted furs.

What is the difference in fur quality?

Good Quality Fur:

  • Prime and clean.
  • Good dense fur coverage.
  • Well-handled, boarded clean leather and minor scars.
  • Bear, wolf, and wolverine must have claws, pads, intact and lips, eyes, and ears prepared to taxidermy standards.

Poor Quality Fur:

  • Not prime, rubbed.
  • Flat fur, poor coverage.
  • Poorly handled and/or over stretched.
  • Stained fur (greasy) and leather stale (yellowed) or green leather.

Accepted furs: 

Bear, Beaver, Coyote, Fox, Lynx, Marten, Mink, Muskrat, Otter, Squirrel, Seal, Weasel, Wolf, Wolverine.