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Market Development Program

The Market Development program can help your agriculture business increase its competitiveness with marketing support and shipping cost subsidies.

Who is Eligible?

  • NWT residents who are individual agriculture producers, agri-food processors, or involved in any northern-based agri-businesses.

    • This includes: individuals, businesses, Indigenous organizations, industry associations and non-for-profits whose mandate  is related to agriculture and agri-foods production or processing


Funding is available in several areas:

  • Annual Maximum contribution of $2,500 to activities related to the promotion and marketing of agri-foods, including the development and design of brochures, logos, labels, websites, signage and packaging for the applicant’s use.
  • $1,000 per year for support for participation in relevant marketing events such trade shows and conferences, including registration fees and travel costs, to a maximum of
  • Maximum contribution of $5,000 (five year limit) for Activities related to the development of market strategies and market feasibility assessments. Costs can include consultant fees and travel expenses.
  • Maximum annual contribution of $2,500 for the first two years to support marketing, organization start-up costs and projects. Examples of these organizations would include community farmers' markets and agri-tourism ventures.
  • Up to $5,000 annually, to a maximum of $10,000 over the five-year life of the program, for market diversification projects. Examples include products that could enter or access new markets.
  • Funding to offset costs to transport NWT produced and harvested food products from point of production to NWT markets as part of trade between NWT communities.
    • Option 1: 70% of gas receipts used to travel to and from the point of sale, i.e. Farmer’s market, to a maximum of $500 per round trip, overall maximum $5,000 annually.
    • Option 2: Commercial shipping as documented with receipts: maximum 100% of transportation costs to first $2,500, 50% of freight costs beyond $2,500 to a maximum contribution of $10,000 annually.

NOTE: Travel costs must be consistent with GNWT travel expense guidelines and proof of event attendance will be required. See program guide below for details.

Equity requirement

Applicants are required to contribute at least 10% of the cost value of the project (i.e., cash or in-kind contributions). Sweat equity will be recognized as an in-kind contribution where it represents a relevant cost.

Required documents

A completed Canadian Agriculture Partnership application form providing detailed information including: full project costing, objectives, outcomes, and outputs and indicators for success.

How do I apply?

Download an application below and submit it to your regional ITI office. If you have any questions, please contact your regional office.