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Risk Management Training


Safety is a priority for the tourism industry in the NWT – for visitors and tourism employees alike.

Risk Management training is a one-day session focusing on:

  • Introducing participants to the concept of risk management using the concept of Analyze, Manage, Inform.
  • Highlighting the value of risk management planning for delivering superior client experiences.
  • Familiarizing participants with the different components of a risk management plan, including administrative materials; field policies, practices, and procedures; and emergency response plans.

This informative session helps participants understand what they are already doing to manage risk and encourages engaging discussion using thought-provoking case studies and group activities.

How Can I Take Part? 

Risk management training is delivered by the regional Tourism Development Officers and is available upon request.

Contact the Tourism Development Officer at your regional ITI office for more information on coordinating risk management training for a specific group or  to find out when a training session is being offered in your region.