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A multi-partner online service giving prospective business owners and entrepreneurs easy access to permit and licence information.
Hay River Construction Workers Placing  Wall
Giving preference to businesses owned and operated in the NWT on government contracts.
Business and Economic Development, Business Intelligence, Networking, GNWT, Industry, Tourism and Investment
This program can help connect you with the information and contacts you need to build your business.
Colville Lake Kapami Co-Op
Information and support relating to co-operatives, their benefits, and starting them in the NWT.
Sahtu Winter Road
Improving access and resources for local economic initiatives across the Northwest Territories.
Community-based economic initiatives delivered in each region by Community Futures Development Corporations.
A public, comprehensive database of government contracting to support accountability and transparency.
Economic Development Officer, Northwest Territories, Sahtu, South Slave, North Slave, Beaufort Delta, Deh Cho
A network of experienced, knowledgeable staff to connect you to valuable information, contacts, and support to help you succeed.
Mentorship support for new and inexperienced entrepreneurs.
Filmmaker at Work in the Elements
Support for qualified applicants to start businesses, improve their capacity, and help communities expand their economy.
Supporting immigration for the betterment of labour and business development in the NWT.
how the sector functions, how it is regulated, and the benefits resulting from resource exploration and development.
Targeted support and funding for micro businesses to help your project get off the ground; regardless of industry.
Program to increase local food production and availability of northern food products for northern consumers.
Manufacturing, Northwest Territories, Business, Local Production
Incentives for local production and manufacturing of goods for the use of the GNWT under the Business Incentive Policy (BIP).
A list of funding programs offered by ITI.
A program to fund business in sectors identified as important for tourism, sustainability, import replacement, and E-commerce.
Investing in projects to evolve local economies across the NWT