Understanding the Proposed Mineral Resources Act


In early-2019, Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment Wally Schumann proposed the Mineral Resources Act as a Bill. If passed, it would become the Northwest Territories’ first-ever homegrown legislation governing mineral resources.

Understanding The Proposed Mineral Resources Act

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment has produced a collection of informational material to help understand what is being proposed, the basics of how that could look in practice, and the reasons why those policies were chosen.

How Is This Information Organized? 

Each of the themed sections here contains plain language information on key policies under the legislation. 

Each section contains information on multiple desired policy outcomes. Some sections contain extra background information on concepts which might be difficult to understand to help provide context. 

These sections are:

If you prefer a print-friendly version, click here and peruse the documents in the folder titled "Understanding the Proposed Mineral Resources Act."

Opportunities for Feedback 

The Government of the Northwest Territories encourages NWT residents to take part in the legislative process, and provide their feedback when opportunities are offered.

After the Bill is introduced and read twice in the Legislative Assembly, the Bill will then be examined closely by the Standing Committee on Economic Development and Environment — a committee made up of Members of the Legislative Assembly who are not part of Cabinet. This committee will have the opportunity to engage the public further as part of these considerations.

Stay tuned for opportunities to comment on this Bill as part of the Standing Committee on Economic Development and Environment’s considerations in the future at this link

To learn more about the legislative process in the Northwest Territories, click here. 

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Mike Westwick

Senior Communications Officer

Government of the Northwest Territories