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Gestion des droits relatifs aux produits pétroliers

Calls for Bids

A Call for Bids on exploration rights to specific blocks is required by legislation before public land may be released for oil and gas exploration. The outcome of a successful call for bids is the issuance of exploration licences to the successful bidders on each block.

Legislation requires that a call for bids remains open for a minimum of 120 days. Each call states the requirements to be met for acceptance of a bid, the terms and conditions to be contained in the licence, a sample Bid Submission Form and attachments related to benefits requirements and relevant land claim provisions.

Upon closing of the Call for Bids, all bids received are assessed against the single bidding criterion required by legislation. This is typically the value of the work proposal but may be cash, or some other criterion as stated in the call. The highest bid wins.

In the case of a work proposal bid, an Exploration Licence may be awarded once the winning bidder has posted a work deposit equivalent to 25 percent of the bid amount submitted and provided the issuance fee of $250 per grid.

2014-2015 Call for Bids: Central Mackenzie Valley

Date of Launch: January 30, 2015

Closing Date: June 2, 2015

Results of 2014–2015 Call for Bids in the Central Mackenzie Valley:

No bids were received.

Bulletin Call for Bids:

Notice by the Minister for ITI of the Call for Bids January 2015

Download the Bulletin

Call for Bids Package:

January 2015 Call for Bids - Download package

This document outlines the terms and conditions of the Call for Bids process, as well as information about the process. This package also includes all required documents that must be submitted as part of a bid and a sample Exploration Licence.

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The region includes lands covered by the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement and the Sahtu Dene and Metis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement.

GIS Data:

The following GIS data sets are provided to allow for users to visualize the locations of the call for bids using various GIS and other software platforms.  File types include esri® SHP files and a MS Excel® spreadsheet (.xls).

To view esri® SHP files you can download the free viewer for desktop or mobile devices:

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