Programs & Services

The Government of the Northwest Territories cannot set terms for resource development on Federal Crown land.  However, when an environmental assessment takes place for a major resource development, the GNWT asks for follow-up programs to be put in place in the form of socio-economic agreements.

Through the Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur (GMVF) Hide and Fur Procurement Program the GNWT provides traditional materials such as seal, beaver, moose, and caribou at reasonable prices to creators of tradi

Self-employed film producers in the NWT are eligible to apply for funding as entrepreneurs under the GNWT’s Support for Entrepreneurs and Economic Development (SEED) Program.

What are the funds for?

Pricing your traditional crafts can be difficult. Many factors go into determining what the price of your work should be.




The Micro Business category of the SEED policy supports individuals or small business where revenues are not likely to exceed $50 000. Funding is generally used for equipment, raw materials, and other necessary expenses.

The Government of the Northwest Territories provides support programs that are delivered by the Departments of Industry, Tourism, and Investment (ITI) and Education, Culture, and Employment (ECE). Financial supports help build and strengthen the NWT’s unique and creative arts culture.

The Agriculture & Human Resources program consists of two components: Agriculture Development and Human Resource Development to support the NWT agriculture industry by building the necessary knowledge and skills to increase production and competitiveness.

The Food Safety program evaluates and reduces the risk involved with the manufacturing and transportation of NWT food products.

The Market Development program supports the NWT agriculture industry to increase their competitiveness in the marketplace by providing marketing support and shipping cost subsidies.

Agriculture & the Environment program provides funding to evaluate and understand the potential impact of agriculture on the environment and to ensure controls are in place. The objectives are: