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The Tourism Business Mentorship Program provides approved mentees with an opportunity and financial support to learn important business skills from an experienced mentor. These skills will help mentees to:

As part of a continuing program to build and strengthen the production and capacity in the trapping industry, the Department of Industry Tourism and Investment administers an awards program.

Trapper training remains an integral part of the Industry, Tourism and Investment mandate to keep trappers knowledgeable about NWT Trapping Regulations, trap standards and technology.

The Northern Food Development Program (NFDP) aims to increase local food production and availability of northern food products for consumers in the NWT.

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As part of its Diamond Policy Framework, the GNWT offers this Approved status to manufacturers who meet specific standards and experience, and have the desire to manufacture the highest quality government certified diamonds as part of this prestigious progra

Product development improves the profitability of tourism businesses by increasing the number of products and services available for tourists – as well as the number of visits, length of stay and spending by individual visitors.

To realize its full potential, the NWT tourism industry is reliant on a well-trained labour force who can deliver tourism products in a professional and knowledgeable manner.

The rugged, pristine and isolated nature of the Northwest Territories environment is a perfect fit for visitors seeking authentic travel experiences that will put them in touch with nature.

If you offer guided commercial tourism activities in the Northwest Territories, you are considered a tourism operator under the Tourism Act and require a Tourism Operator Licence.  


The Community Tourism Infrastructure Contribution Program provides funding to community governments and non-government organizations to support new and innovative tourism infrastructure projects in and around their communities.