Sediment Sampling For Mineral Potential

Prospecting Support Program (SEED)

This funding program can help local prospectors looking to identify the NWT’s next big mineral find by investing in the tools, equipment, and activities necessary to prospect.

These funds are provided under the Support for Entrepreneurs and Economic Development (SEED) Policy.

Who is eligible?

  • NWT residents and entrepreneurs

Applicants must demonstrate proficiency, some ways to demonstrate proficiency include: 

  • List of mineral claims owned wholly or in part by the applicant; or
  • Copy of a certificate, degree or diploma from a recognized prospecting course or equivalent; or
  • Proof of prospecting expenditures totalling at least $5,000 in the last three years (air charter receipts, recorded claims, etc.); or
  • Proof of exploration or prospecting employment totaling at least 20 weeks in the last three years.


Under the Prospecting Support program, up to $6,000 over three years can be provided for:

  • Purchasing tools and equipment; and
  • Purchasing supplies and services directly related to prospecting activity

Equity requirements

  • Group One communities (Yellowknife, Hay River, Fort Smith, and Inuvik) – 30%
  • Group Two communities (all other NWT communities within the NWT) – 20%

Outside of Equity requirements, ITI has no other direct costs or fees associated with this program. 

Required Documents

Applicants are required to submit:

  • NWT Prospectors Licence Number provided by the Mining Recorders Office
  • Description of the project (location, timelines, summary of objectives and activity, cost quotes, and permission to prospect if the activity is to be done on private lands). 

For a complete list of required documents see the Application Checklist on the last page of the SEED application.

Other information may be requested. Speak with your regional Economic Development Officer about specific proposal requirements and evaluation criteria; funding limits, equity requirements and specific purposes to which funding can be applied.

    How to apply

    To apply for Micro Business funding under the Prospector Support Program guidelines, download the application form below and contact your regional Industry Tourism and Investment office to book an appointment to speak with an Economic Development Officer. Please include all required documents along with your application, or your application will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.

    PDF icon SEED Application Form764.95 KB
    PDF icon SEED Policy228.17 KB
    PDF icon SEED Brochure - Bilingual 4.2 MB