Key Projects

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment is, at its heart, the department of the economy.

In support of a vibrant, diverse, and prosperous economy, the Department is taking on several important broad initiatives in the areas of natural resource extraction, economic development, and business services in the Northwest Territories.

Unlocking our Potential

This initiative is aimed at attracting investment in our natural resource extraction sector. We have one of the highest-ranked geological potential in the world. The Department aims to market this potential to investors. 

Economic Development

We know we must be proactive and invest in economic diversity. Our economic development initiatives work to support the growth of industries outside our foundational resource extraction industries.

Business Services

Starting a business is tough. Regulations, licensing, permits; it can all become overwhelming to entrpreneurs trying to bring an innovative project to life. We provide a suite of services to help get your business off the ground. 

See the dedicated pages for an in-depth look at these key projects.