Community Tourism Coordinator Program

The Community Tourism Coordinator Program provides funding (up to a maximum of $50,000) to qualified organizations to hire and maintain community tourism coordinators (CTCs) who are dedicated to developing sustainable and marketable tourism products and packages in NWT communities.

This program is accepting applications until February 14, 2023

Who is eligible?

Qualifying organizations in NWT communities that are community-owned or governance organizations such as:

  • Municipal councils
  • Band councils
  • Community governments
  • Land claim organizations
  • Community economic development and investment corporations
  • Chambers of Commerce

Privately-owned, for-profit organizations are not eligible.

Proposals must demonstrate:

Applicants will be assessed based on the criteria indicated below as presented in their proposal:

  • Clearly expressed community desire for tourism development through a community tourism strategic plan or economic development plan.
  • Clearly expressed financial support and commitment from the applicant for the CTC position.
  • Demonstrated capacity to operationalize the position.
  • Availability of recognizable tourist attractions or potential tourist attractions and experiences within the community.
  • The potential for packaging tourist attractions, products and experiences within the community or in close proximity to the community.
  • Availability of accommodation infrastructure or clearly expressed financial commitment to developing accommodation infrastructure in the community.
  • Ease and affordability of access to the community.
  • Availability of food services or clearly expressed desire to develop food services in the community.
  • The number of licensed tourism operators operating within the community or within the vicinity of the community.
  • The availability of tourism related services within the community or in close proximity to the community.
  • Availability of events/festivals and a strong commitment towards leveraging the opportunities presented by events and festivals.
  • Availability of trained labour pool for the tourism services or a clearly expressed willingness and commitment to work with GNWT and other relevant stakeholders to enhance the service skills sets of community residents interested in tourism employment.
  • Community health and wellness.
  • Availability of tourism champions within the community.
  • Competing industries for the tourism labour pool in the community.


Successful applicants will receive up to a maximum of $50,000, through a contribution agreement (CA) with ITI.

Costs or Fees

  • The amount disbursed will be subject to a minimum $15,000 or 30 percent equity (whichever is greater) from the applicant, applied towards the total cost of maintaining the position including wages, pension and health benefits, cost of living allowance and other allowances.
  • Two or more communities can jointly submit an application to the Program and in such instances, the equity will remain the same, $15,000 or 30 percent of total cost of the position (whichever is greater). A joint application must identify one community organization responsible for operations of the position.
  • Office operations cost will not be considered for the equity.

Required Documents

An application will need a detailed proposal, including:

  • A community tourism plan or economic development plan
  • Available financial support (30 percent equity or at least $15,000) for the position
  • A description of the qualifying organization
  • Information about community readiness for tourism

A proposal sample and additional details for preparing a proposal can be found below.

How to Apply

Qualifying organizations need to show their support and commitment to developing tourism in their community. An application will need a detailed proposal, including among other topics:

  • a community tourism plan or economic development plan
  • available financial support (30% or at least $15,000) for the position
  • a description of the qualifying organization
  • information about community readiness for tourism

A proposal sample and additional details for preparing a proposal can be found below


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