200+ Spectacular Stories: Parks Hospitality Award Engagement Recap

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November 8, 2018

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI) hands out the top parks operator award at the NWT Tourism AGM every year. But this year, they did something different to choose the winner.

For the first time, the Department reached out to NWT residents and parks users online and through social media in a wide-reaching engagement to hear their stories, and collect nominations for the award.

Learn more about the campaign here. 

The level of participation in the campaign, which ran from Mid-September through October 2, was staggering.

Spectacular Staff Highlights

The stories shared were personal, heartwarming, and sometimes pretty funny. Here are some highlights.



These are the kinds of experiences that bring visitors back and build the Northwest Territories’ reputation as a great place to visit.

The Department of ITI works with parks operators to support and encourage great experiences at parks and campgrounds across all regions of the NWT.

Stay tuned — the winner will be announced tonight!