2020 Explorers’ Guide Leaps into Augmented Reality

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February 6, 2020

NWT Tourism has released its new Explorers’ Guide and this one packs a punch. The theme is transformational change; and it is based on the numerous stories that visitors have shared on how the NWT changed them in a significant way.

True to its theme, this year’s guide has also transformed – thanks to the use of technology.

By downloading the ‘Spectacular NWT’ app on your Android or Apple phone, you can practically jump into select photos within this year’s guide.

And, NWTT’s incorporation of technology isn’t limited to its Explorers’ Guide.

Supporting the shiny new guide, virtual-reality oculars will be a part of NWTT’s presence at this year’s tourism and travel shows; offering prospective travelers and industry reps an enticing real-feel of what it means to “experience the Spectacular”.

Meanwhile, a Spectacular NWT Virtual Reality car, dressed in our famous aurora, will be hitting the streets in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver this month.  It offers the added opportunity to ride along with a migrating reindeer herd in Inuvik, stand above the tumbling waters of Virginia Falls or relax and enjoy a leisurely paddle on pristine and glassy Great Slave Lake.

“A photo may be worth a thousand words but these enhanced reality experiences are worth much more” says Cathie Bolstad, Chief Executive Officer at NWT Tourism. “It is as close to the spectacular NWT attractions as you can get without physically being here.”

NWT Tourism is the GNWT's destination marketing organization and promotes the NWT to visitors around the world under the Spectacular NWT brand.

Pick up your copy of the new NWT Explorers’ Guide and immerse yourself in the new experience. The guide is also available online here.

Make sure you turn your sound up to hear the crashing waters of Virginia Falls - and don’t forget to check out SpectacularNWT.com for more information on the NWT’s tourism offerings.