Artist Lineup at the Farmer’s Market

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Check out the lineup at NWT Arts-sponsored table at the YK Farmer’s Market this summer. Look for blue NWT Arts table cloth! (table #2 beside the Fireweed Studio Log Cabin)


You may have already seen them, or their showcase may be yet to come. Either way, check out the works by these northern Yellowknife artists (And a few from outside of Yellowknife too!)


22-Jun   Hazel Wainright

Hazel mainly uses commercial and hand dyed fabrics to create quilted wall hangings and other. items.

28-Jun   Scott Cairns

From jewelry making and blacksmithing, to woodworking and machining, amongst other things. Scott loves working with a diverse suite of materials, including a selection of various metals.

05-Jul    Violet Fodor

Violet mainly paints landscape with acrylic on canvas and have recently begun to paint with oils. Post-impressionist artists are her primary influence and her art shows a lot of strong brushwork, saturated colors and rhythm.

12-Jul    Diane Boudreau

A background in environmental design, biology and scenic painting, is the driving force behind Diane’s artwork. Works include murals and other outdoor painting in the summer.

19-Jul    Katherine Ades

Katherine’s crafting has grown from 2-needle beading to include porcupine quills, wire-wrapping, gemstones, and paracord survival bracelets, beaded earrings, hairclips, cardholders and moccasins.

26-Jul    Carey Bray

Carey’s work is digital art that has been hand-drawn on iPad with an Apple Pencil, and motivated by a love of drawing landscapes, forgotten or remote buildings, and various types of animals.

02-Aug  Shona Barbour

Shona is a textile artist whose basket making, felting, art quilting, and fabric dyeing is an extension of her love for traditional quilting and interest in utilitarian arts and usable art.  

09-Aug  Erin Suliak

Erin is a multidisciplinary artist who works in fibre and performance.

16-Aug  Jonathan Gillingham

Jonathan takes pictures of the vast landscapes, abundant wildlife, and elusive Northern Lights.

23-Aug  Robyn Scott

Robyn’s paintings are inspired by northern wildlife motifs, such as caribou, moose, and bears, and birds such as ravens and magpies.

30-Aug  Jennifer Rafferty

Jennifer uses with natural materials to create jewellery, accessories, clothing, and framed art to add beauty to everyday living.

06-Sep  Natalie Makletzoff

Natalie paints northern landscapes in acrylic, oil and watercolour.

13-Sep  Lindsay Debassige

Lindsay is an Ojibway writer, beader, sewer, director, editor, producer, and actor.