Canada’s Wealth of Gas and LNG includes NWT Resources

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May 15, 2018

As Canada's gas and LNG industry takes steps towards competing in the global market, NWT resources are positioned to both improve energy security locally and help Canada compete.

The Canada Gas and LNG Exhibition and Conference is taking place this week in Vancouver.

It has brought together the Canadian gas value chain, from producers through to midstream players, downstream innovators, international buyers and government figureheads.

Among them is Menzie McEachern, Director of ITI’s Mineral and Petroleum Resources Division; with copies of the GNWT’s recently released NWT Petroleum Resources Strategy in hand.


“Through an elevated focus on our own resources and how we can harness that potential, the NWT is bringing new and exciting initiatives to the table that can serve everyone,” McEachern says.

McEachern was a guest speaker on the first day of the three-day conference.

Menzie at LNG Conference 2

“The NWT is working to position itself as an industry player,” he told conference attendees. “We have a plan to both serve our residents with more affordable and cleaner forms of energy and leverage our vast resources to become a key exporter.”

Events like the Canada Gas and LNG Exhibition and Conference are a key venue for establishing new relationships with those in the industry that may be looking for new avenues, new regions to explore and new places to invest.

The natural gas and LNG sector could play a pivotal role in developing the NWT economy. As Canada searches for new sources of energy generation that will result in a shift toward lower-carbon alternatives, the North’s natural gas is a strong contender to meet energy needs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.