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CRAFTED NWT Exhibit and Sale Launched

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ITI’s NWT Arts Program is coordinating an opportunity for craft artists to gain exposure for their work in southern and international markets.

NWT Arts Program and CRAFTED NWT

Until June 12, 2021, the work of craftspeople from across the NWT will be exhibited and available for purchase through the Alberta Craft Council. Earlier this year, NWT Arts in partnership with the Craft Councils of the NWT and Alberta, announced the opening of CRAFTED NWT, which celebrates the diversity, vibrancy and resiliency of its creators. 

Photo courtesy of Alberta Craft Council

The CRAFTED NWT exhibition features a wide range of NWT-specific crafted products. Online shoppers from around the world can find anything from birch bark baskets and moccasins to contemporary earrings and cuffed bracelets made with traditional materials.


“CRAFTED NWT showcases a diverse selection of NWT craft that illustrates the quality and expertise of work made in the NWT”, says Manager of NWT Arts Programming, Johanna Tiemessen.

“Through this opportunity, NWT artists will realize the true and fair market value for their work.”

The Alberta Craft Council is a Canadian provincial arts service organization supporting the culture of craft and the careers of fine craft artists in Alberta through advocacy, public programming, and career development opportunities.

Marie Kotchea; layers of birchbark, dyed porcupine quills and white spruce root link to artist info here. Photo courtesy of Alberta Craft Council

Visit the Alberta Craft Council website to experience a virtual tour of the exhibit or to access the shop to purchase and support NWT artists.

The NWT Arts Program promotes all artists of the Northwest Territories (NWT), including traditional arts and fine crafts, contemporary arts and fine crafts, performing arts, literary arts, and film and media. It helps to connect customers with registered artists and retailers that carry authentic northern artwork.

It is administered by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment.