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September 14, 2022

Government is about sustainable growth and stable change. Without continuity of support from dedicated government employees, new governments would have to reinvent the wheel with every election.

On Friday, September 9th, the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment honoured the people who have given years of their service to the stable continuity of government. These experienced employees have ensured that transitions of office run smoothly, that projects are managed, that services are proffered, and that the Territory thrived over the last 5 years, and over the last 40 years, and everything in between.

40 Years:

Not pictured: Tom Colosimo


30 Years:

Not pictured: Evan Walz


25 Years:

Not Pictured: Audrey Comeau


20 Years:

Tracy St. Denis, Kelly Pierce

Not pictured: Michelle Heath, Brent Beck


15 Years:

John Ketchum, Joel Holder, Jaysen Knight, Francis McIsaac, David Arbeau, Zaka Ullah, Kris Johnson, Niña Salvador


10 Years:

Alexandrea Malakoe, Douglas Dillon, Dianna Beck, Jennifer Dallman-Sanders, Scott Wray, Jonathan Rocheleau, Jhillian Adams, Ashley Janes (right)

Not Pictured: Kelly Lange-Knox, Amanda Gillander, Nick Dennahower, Denise Pyke


5 Years:

Eugene Green, Ebere Duru, Viktor Terlaky, Bernadette Knox, Gideon Lambiv

Not Pictured: Nancy Mullick, Mike Westwick, Sarah Gervais, Katherine Mackenzie, Brad Enge, Shannon Graf, Laura Faryna, Keri Ann Loutit