Five in Five: Nighthawk Welcomes a New Leader

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January 21, 2021

As ITI prepares to participate in AME Remote Roundup 2021, five projects in the Northwest Territories are entering new and exciting phases.

We’re marking 5-days of Round-Up 2021 by talking to five companies currently exploring and developing NWT projects with huge potential.

Round-Up 2021 – Day 4

Nighthawk is convinced it can become Canada’s next gold mining camp.

The company owns a large land position on the Indin Lake greenstone belt north of Yellowknife, spanning some 60 kilometres in length and more than 220,000 acres in size.

“What attracted me to Nighthawk is the quality and the size of the land position, first and foremost,” says Keyvan Salehi, formerly of Mountain Province Diamonds and now newly installed as the company’s president and CEO.

Salehi is impressed by Nighthawk’s people and its Colomac project’s location, too.

"Yellowknife is a major mining hub and has all the resources and expertise,” he says.

There’s a resource of just over two million ounces at Colomac, Nighthawk’s flagship asset, and Salehi says the company is “not short of any targets” in the area.

Over the next three years, he plans to double Nighthawk’s total number of metres drilled.

He concludes: “I believe our assets have all the key characteristics and ingredients of potentially delivering a multi-million ounce resource.”

Unlocking Our Potential: Nighthawk Gold from GNWT ITI on Vimeo.

Renewed exploration activity is needed to restore levels of investment, partnership, employment and growth in the NWT’s economy.

Under its “Unlocking Our Potential” banner, the GNWTs Department of Industry Tourism and Investment is promoting mineral exploration and development I the NWT in support of the GNWT’s Mandate to: Increase resource exploration and development.