Fort Providence Hosts Winter Fishery Training Course

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November 19, 2020


A training course in Fort Providence this week is teaching youth winter fishing skills and knowledge that can serve to strengthen food security in their community and a means to generate income for community members. 


Two dozen students are participating in the program hosted by Undah Gogha Corporation.


ITI has provided financial support for the training that will prepare its participants to be a part of a revitalized winter fishery.


In addition to information on ice safety, students are learning about ice-fishing equipment and receiving instruction on how to service and repair equipment and gear. They will learn how to prepare nets, set nets under the ice, lift a shore net, and get hands-on instruction on the preparation and packaging of fish.  

The four-day course will conclude with a certificate presentation and a fish fry for the community of Fort Providence featuring the fish that the students catch, prepare and process.


With the right investment and approach, the GNWT believes that the commercial fishing industry on Great Slave Lake can be restored to the vibrant and prosperous sector it once was.


Attracting and training new fishers and revitalizing the winter fishery are two important elements of its Strategy for the Revitalization of the Great Slave Lake Commercial Fishery.