Fourth Annual Urban Hide Tanning Camp Begins in Yellowknife

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May 16, 2019

The fourth annual Urban Hide Tanning Camp is set up and started producing traditionally tanned hides in Yellowknife last week.  It will run until May 21st.  Open from 10am until 6pm Monday-Saturdays at the Somba Kè Civic Plaza everyone is invited to attend, witness or even participate in the event.

Dene Nahjo hosts the event with sponsors such as ITI, Tides Canada, the Government of Canada, Inspirit Foundation, United Way NWT and the City of Yellowknife. 

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Dene Nahjo is a Yellowknife based Indigenous leadership organization and has hosted the event celebrating Dene art, culture, technology and history since its inception.  The event is free and has Elders on hand, along with experienced hide tanners, to teach and share stories with those in attendance.

Finished hides can be used to make traditional clothing, art and much more.  Many of our registered NWT Artists use traditionally tanned hides in their work. 

For more information on NWT Artists go to

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment supports the Urban Hide Tanning Camp under its commitment to advance economic diversification through investments in tourism and the traditional economy. 

For more information on this event go to the Facebook event here or go to Dene Nahjo’s website at