GNWT Procurement Review: Meet the Independent Panel that will Guide the Conversation

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January 27, 2021

An independent three-person panel has been established to support the review of government procurement.

The panel is being asked by the Minister of Finance and ITI to meet with Indigenous Governments and Organizations, elected leaders, industry and business communities; as well as residents to discuss GNWT’s policies and practices when it comes to public procurement -  and then identify ways in which they can be improved.

The panel’s recommendations are due to the Minister by the summer. With over 20 engagement sessions planed before May, they’ll be busy! 

The panel members were selected for their expertise and strengths in three distinct roles. They include a career expert in public procurement, an NWT-based facilitator knowledgeable and experienced in the NWT’s government and economic environment; and a respected member of the NWT’s Indigenous business community.

Leslie Anderson

Ms. Anderson is a Principal with DPRA Canada with over 25 years of public sector employment and consulting experience. She holds Masters Degrees in Law and Public Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.  Her career has included a particular focus on public procurement since 1988 when she began work with the BC Purchasing Commission.

For eight years, Ms. Anderson held direct management responsibility for government-wide procurement policy and procedures in both provincial (BC) and territorial (Yukon) jurisdictions.  Since 1996, she has designed and conducted procurements for public sector programs and projects; and developed procurement regulations, policy, processes, solicitation formats and contracts, along with guidance and training for their use by a variety of public sector entities.

Peter Vician

With an extensive 34-year public service career in the NWT- including key executive postings as Deputy Minister in transportation, infrastructure and economic development portfolios, Mr. Vician is well versed with the North’s political environment and economic landscape.

As Deputy Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment, Mr. Vician led the government’s management of NWT economic resources including tourism and parks, oil and gas, mining and energy policy and regulation. His portfolio also included oversight of NWT commercial fisheries, agriculture and traditional harvesting. Mr. Vician played a primary role in the process that saw the devolution of administration for land, resource and water rights from the federal government to the NWT in 2014.

Darrell Beaulieu

Mr. Beaulieu’s business leadership is recognized and respected throughout the NWT and Canada.  He is the President and CEO of Denendeh Investments Incorporated (DII) and the Denendeh group of companies.  Mr. Beaulieu also serves as President and CEO of the Denendeh Development Corporation, a not-for-profit corporation whose members are the 27 Chiefs of the Dene Nation.

As an Indigenous business leader, Mr. Beaulieu understands the contributions of Indigenous business to the economy; and to the well-being of the NWT’s Indigenous peoples.  He serves as spokesperson for the NWT Indigenous Coalition Economic Coalition. He is a champion of Indigenous capacity building and employment and his leadership, demonstrates a strong long-term commitment to the NWT’s Indigenous communities.