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Great Slave Lake Fish Quality Highlighted in Cookbook

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With endearing recipes names like, Jiggling Lemon Trout and Poor Man’s Lobster, a promotional cook book promoting Fresh Fish from Great Slave Lake will debut this weekend in association with one of Yellowknife’s foremost tourist events.

The cook book will be available for the first time at the World Shore Lunch Championship at the Northern Frontier Visitors Centre, where it will be sold afterwards.

The recipe book is part of a broader Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) initiative to strengthen the commercial market for Northwest Territories fish. 

NWT celebrities like Anthony “Snowking” Foliot, Alex Debogorski, and Mikey McBryan contributed recipes and stories to the cookbook alongside entries submitted by Yellowknife and Hay River residents during a promotion celebrating the original launch of the Fresh Fish from Great Slave Lake brand.

By generating new income streams for the NWT commercial fishing industry, promoting import substitution, and lessening dependence on export markets, the GNWT’s Fresh Fish from Great Slave Lake marketing initiative is working to realize the 18th Assembly's stated priorities to strengthen and diversify the NWT economy, address the cost of living and improve food security in the NWT.

Quick facts

  • There are 2500 copies in the cookbook’s initial run.  
  • Fishing, agriculture, forestry, and hunting contributed $25.1 million to the NWT’s economy in 2015.