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A Guide to Mineral Deposits in the Northwest Territories

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A modern-day treasure map is now available in the form of geoscience information in A Guide to Mineral Deposits in the Northwest Territories (NWT). Rather than ‘X’ marking the spot for buried treasure, the guide examines 75 noteworthy deposits with significant mineral potential.

A Guide to Mineral Deposits was developed by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI), in part, to highlight the NWT’s incredible mineral wealth and potential.   The deposits listed offer an impressive inventory of mineral potential such as gold, diamonds, lithium, tungsten and rare earth elements.  Each is described by its location, geology, current ownership, a brief history of the deposit and a documentation of exploration or production details. 

The guide came off the press just in time to be distributed at the Association of Mining Explorations Round Up Conference last week in Vancouver.  

Pam Strand, Director of ITI’s Mineral Resources Division says the guide provides important information for everyone.

“It will benefit those interested in geoscience, academics and especially prospectors and junior mining companies who are foundational to the future of our mining sector and the economy.  Mines don’t happen overnight. We can’t take our mineral potential for granted. Diamond mining activity and employment may have already peaked and are expected to decline. We need to replace that economic activity with new projects that have a similar potential for creating jobs and contributing to a strong NWT economy.”

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