Highlights NWTT AGM – NICE Stories

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November 12, 2020


Destination Canada’s NICE campaign focusses on the perception of visitors that Canadians are “nice”. It is centered on stories involving Canada and Canadians. 

CANADA NICE - we didn’t invent nice. We’re perfecting it.

At its 2020 (virtual) tourism conference this year, NWT Tourism wanted to celebrate not only NICE stories, but “spectacular” ones, demonstrating the best of what the NWT offers. Who best to tell these stories than those within the NWT tourism industry who specialize in providing spectacular experiences and services to the guests they host from around the world?

NWTT’s membership did not disappoint and shared numerous heartwarming tales about the many experiences and memories that tourism operators have made happen in the NWT. The stories are refreshing and fun to read; and a welcome change from the pandemic news that is dominating our lives as Canadians.

At the conclusion of this year’s ITI day, Minister Caroline Wawzonek had the pleasure of declaring four of these Spectacular Stories as “winners”. 

  1. Where NICE comes with the territory: Reuniting Charles with his best friend.
    Greg Robertson (Bluefish Servies) shared this heartwarming story about a dog that bolted away from a charter plane and was lost in the wilderness, then was reunited with his owner by some kind individuals who were out fishing in the area.
  2. Where NICE comes with the territory: A good guide is ready for anything
    Margaret Peterson (Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge) asked the question: what happens when you lose a hearing device out on the barrenlands, in the snow? You rely on a resourceful northern fishing guide to find it for you.
  3. Where NICE comes with the territory: Khoan Pham’s* spectacular journey
    Wendy Grater (Black Feather – The Wilderness Adventure Company) relates that when an amazing paddling guide sponsors a young Vietnamese boat person to Canada, amazing things happen.
  4. Where NICE comes with the territory: One last guided journey on the Barrenlands
    Dan Wong (Jackpine Paddle) finally finds a wolf den from instructions provided by an amazing mentor guide who passed away. Synchronicity plays a part as the mentee finds the den on the day the mentor’s ashes were being scattered on the barrens.

Congratulations to all NWT tourism operators whose passion and dedication have – and will again – shape and create Spectacular Stories about this great land we call home.