Just Keep Pedaling

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As COVID was trying to nip northern business in the bud, Erasmus Apparel branched out.

In a time when tourists were less interested in Northern merchandise, Sarah Erasmus scoured her experiences for a new source of revenue.

Having seen several examples of personal rentable vehicles, ranging from pedal-bikes and e-bikes to powered scooters, Sarah realized that there was nothing really stopping her from providing a similar service in Yellowknife.

Not only was there a gap in the local market but, poised as it is atop the big hill to Yellowknife’s Old Town, her business is in a perfect location to help tourists and locals power their way back up that hill after an afternoon exploring one of the most inviting parts of the city.

By applying for one of the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI)’s Funding Programs Erasmus was able to purchase e-bikes to rent out over the summer months to both tourists and locals alike.