Unlocking our Potential - January 2017 Cover

Magazine Highlights Competitive Approach to Mining in the NWT

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The latest promotional magazine outlining the Northwest Territories' (NWT) advantages for mining investors is ready to make the rounds at international conferences in the coming months. 

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) produces this magazine, Unlocking our Potential for targeted distribution at some of the largest industry showcases in the mining sector. 

This edition features stories highlighting 25 years of diamonds in the territory, areas of exciting exploration potential, the connection between Tesla's Gigafactory and NWT cobalt and lithium, an exciting visible gold find, and government initiatives contributing to a more competitive investment climate in the NWT. 

The magazine is part of the GNWT's commitment to implementing the Mineral Development Strategy (MDS), which recommends investment in building international profile of the NWT mineral industry. 

Implementation of the MDS is a key part of the GNWT's mandate for economic development. 

View the full magazine below.