Minister Schumann Remarks: Opening of the NWT Geological Materials Storage Facility

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September 25, 2017

Minister Wally Schumann officially opened the NWT Geological Materials Storage Facility on September 22, 2017. Minister Abernethy, Minister Cochrane, and MLAs Simpson and Vanthuyne participated in the opening and a tour of the facility.

NWT Geological Materials Storage Facility - FAQ

Minister Schumann delivered the following speech, explaining the significance and importance of the facility. 

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Good afternoon, everyone.  Thanks to all of you for coming out this afternoon.

We’re here to officially open the doors of our Northwest Territories’ Geological Materials Storage Facility. This facility and the information it contains, is a great accomplishment for the Northwest Territories.

It may sound a little “over-the-top”  to say that opening a warehouse and viewing facility is an important step in moving our mining sector forward – but it really is.

We all know the value that mining projects hold - in terms of jobs, local contracts, training, investment and spin off benefits. 

Mining is the foundation of our economy.  Geoscience is the foundation of mining.

The data and information that is available from the samples in here – has the potential to advance mining projects and increase development in our territory.

We have always had this information within our Territory to share.  What we haven’t had recently were the resources or opportunity to share it in an ideal fashion. The Devolution agreement gave us that.

I want to recognize the support of the federal government for having the foresight and presence of mind to put the pieces in place in the Devolution agreement that have allowed us to get to where we are today.

I must also express my thanks to the staff at the NWT Geological Survey for their hard work over the last three years to make this resource a reality.

We now can offer year round - full service access to our geological materials, especially the mineral industry drill core that you see behind me.  This facility will up our game – when it comes to attracting and supporting researchers and potential investors for our region.  

This collection serves a wide variety of clients, including industry, researchers, prospectors, and academics.

It will save both time and money for mineral explorers and prospectors and has potential to lead to multimillion dollar exploration programs. We are already seeing the economic benefits of making this material available.

TerraX Minerals Inc. for example, used the collection to conduct early-stage gold exploration in the Yellowknife area. This saved on expenses and accelerated their exploration program by nearly two years.

Their story is a very good example of the support and knowledge that this facility can provide to companies that are willing to step up and invest in our territory.

The completion of this facility is one that was recommended by our Mineral Development Strategy.  It is work that supports the mandate that we have set for ourselves as a government – to support mineral exploration and the mining sector.

What this means is that we are opening much more than a facility.  We are opening up our territory to even more exploration and potential development.

It gives me great pleasure to officially welcome you to the NWT’s first Geological Materials Storage Facility.  Thank you.