The Mobile Art Gallery Is On The Move

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August 27, 2019

The non-profit Yellowknife Artist-Run-Centreless-Centre’s (YK ARCC) new mobile art gallery made its debut this summer in Yellowknife.  The project was made possible with the contributions of many local volunteers, board members, the City of Yellowknife, Heritage Canada, and the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment. The cargo trailer turned gallery was bedecked with all 11 official languages and was a hit for those attending the Old Town Ramble and Ride Festival the first weekend in August. 

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The goal of the mobile gallery is to form relationships between the artistic communities across the NWT.  Sarah Swan, a board member of the YK ARCC, believes that this will help cross-pollinate ideas and allow artists to get to know one another.

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Spaces where artists and craftspeople can display their work are a vital component of an artist’s life Swan notes; this way the gallery goes to the public instead of having to wait for the public to come find them.  There are plans to travel with the gallery to other northern communities accessible by road, not just those in the NWT, making the gallery a truly pan-territorial project.

The space is accessible to local creative groups, all they need to provide is the truck and the art, it is an inclusive exhibition space that is open to all forms of ideas.  They will be accepting applications from artists or community groups in the spring of 2020 so keep an eye on their website for details.

Registered NWT Artist Michael Fatt’s artwork was the first to have his works displayed using the mobile gallery at the Old Town Ramble and Ride in August.

To see some of Michael Fatt’s artwork click here

Want more information on how to become a registered NWT Artist? Go to

Industry, Tourism and Investment is proud to help fund innovative ideas such as the mobile art gallery to further promote NWT Artists and encourage the diversification of our economy.