National Francophone Immigration Week Profile - Jonel

National Francophone Immigration Week: Jonel

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November 8, 2019

Before coming to Yellowknife two years ago, Jonel visited several countries, including Brazil and the United States. However, here is where he really feels at home. He also met his wife here. They married in February 2019.            

“With 10 years’ experience and my barbering certificate from Edmonton, my wife and I plan on opening a hairdressing salon for men, women and children. We also realized that there are no Afro hairdressing salons, so we want to do something about that. There are more and more Black people in Yellowknife. We want to make this service available to everyone. Right now, we’re putting the finishing touches on our business plan, and we’re negotiating for business premises.”


“Attaining our goal of opening the barber shop—and why not more shops in the future?”

Soft spot

“Exploring, winter and the Northern Lights. I even get a little nostalgic in the summer. The people are really hospitable and help each other, which is especially important for newcomers.”

Next steps

“Open and grow our business and buy a house. I’ve just started the process to become a permanent resident. Later on, I’m going to apply for citizenship.”

Words of advice

“Get out of your comfort zone and try something different elsewhere. Failing isn’t easy, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say.”