NWT Arts Brings High Fashion to Opportunities North

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November 28, 2019

NWT art and culture infuses elements of everyday life across the north, so what better way to enhance a conference than to share some of that culture? 

At this year’s Opportunities North conference, NWT Arts took the lead on decorating for the finale. As business, government and community leaders from across northern and western Canada gathered at the Explorer Hotel in Yellowknife, the room was adorned with northern furs, birch trees and images on glass showing scenes from across the NWT.

Six local models were also a part of the esthetic, showcasing 12 high-fashion outfits from local NWT designers. The evening offered a chance for delegates to see, learn and ask more about the rich arts, crafts and culture found in the NWT.  

Outfits from designers (left to right): Cheryl Fennell, Dene Fur Clouds, and D’Arcy Moses.

Outfits from designers (left to right): Cheryl Fennell, D’Arcy Moses and Dene Fur Clouds.

Outfit from designer: Georgina Franki

Outfit from designer: D’Arcy Moses