NWT Labour Force Activity –July 2022

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August 5, 2022

According to the NWT Bureau of Statistics, information released July 20, 2022 by Statistics Canada, at 75.7%, the Northwest Territories’ (NWT) July employment rate was the highest among provinces and territories in Canada (seasonally unadjusted). In the NWT, the employment rate increased 1.4 percentage points from last month, maintaining the higher employment rates observed in 2022.

employment - July 2022


Year over year, the number of employed persons in the NWT increased by 1,500 while the employment rate increased by 3.7 percentage points. Employment rates increased among all key demographic characteristics. The largest increases were observed among males, where the employment rate rose by 6.5 percentage points to 76.6% in July 2022. Among those living outside of Yellowknife, the employment rate increased 5.6 percentage points to 71.9%.


Employment by employment type, class of worker, and industry

Year-over-year, all the employment gains were in the services-producing industries. Notable employment gains were recorded in educational services (1,100), information, culture, & recreation (600), professional, scientific, and technical services (400), transportation and warehousing (400). Partially offsetting these gains were employment declines in trade (retail and wholesale) and finance, insurance, and real estate.


National highlights

The employment rate was 62.6% for Canada, a slight increase from the previous month and 4.7 percentage points higher than in July 2021. In comparison to 12 months ago, employment rates rose in all Canadian jurisdictions, increasing the most in the Nunavut, Alberta, and Ontario.


For additional information on the monthly release of labour force survey results for the Northwest Territories, visit the NWT Bureau of Statistics website at www.statsnwt.ca or call (867) 767-9169.


1 LFS estimates in this report are based on seasonally unadjusted, three-months moving-average time series data.