NWT Parks Beaches This August Long Weekend

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July 29, 2020


As we look forward to the August long weekend, there are some things to keep in mind when heading to beaches such as the one at Fred Henne Territorial Park in Yellowknife.

Due to COVID 19, NWT public health officials have limited capacity at that beach to 150 visitors (the count includes only people over the age of 12). With nice weather in the forecast, we expect Fred Henne Beach will fill up during peak times. Other beaches located in territorial parks may not have the ability to limit capacity, so visitors should respect the Chief Public Health Officer recommendations.

Check out our most asked Questions and Answers below so you know what to expect before you arrive at Fred Henne Beach.

  1. How many people are allowed on the beach at one time?

With special permission from the Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO), the capacity is 150 people. The count is to include only people over the age of 12.


  1. Will this number increase later in the summer?

Unless the restrictions for outdoor gatherings ease, the number of people allowed on the beach will remain the same.


  1. If I need to leave, can I get back in?

People are permitted to leave to use the washroom or quickly get something from their car or campsite. Let the attendant know that you intend to return. If an adult leaves for an extended period, they may need to wait until capacity allows for their return to the beach.


  1.  If my family unit is on the beach, do I have to stand in line?

It is important that we follow the limits set out by the CPHO; therefore, you may have to wait in line if the beach is at capacity.


  1. What are the access points to the beach?

There are two main entrances to the beach, one closest to the stairs coming from the parking lot and one by the parking lot close to the change rooms and outhouses. There is a gate in the middle by the beach gazebo that may be opened if the beach is not busy, but will be closed in order to control the capacity.

  1. Will there be public notifications when the beach is at capacity?

Because wait times and lineups are typically short, and people tend to filter in and out, it would be difficult to update the public so quickly. On hot and sunny days, you should anticipate the beach will be busier and be prepared to wait a short time.


  1. Why is amount of parking restricted in upper day use parking lot?

It was observed early in the season that the day use area was extremely congested, making it difficult for physical distancing. Restricting parking in the upper day use parking area is a measure put in place to reduce the risk of overcrowding. Visitors should remember that is unsafe and illegal to park on the highway.

  1. How do I access the day use area of Fred Henne to launch my boat?

You may still access this area through the campground entrance. The capacity has been limited to reduce overcrowding in the day use area. Although many people want to take advantage of getting on the water this summer, it is still important that large groups of people aren’t gathering in one place.


  1. If I have accessibility needs how can I access the beach?

There are four accessible parking spaces near the beach, two at the parking lot near the change rooms and two at the middle gate by the gazebo. If the middle gate is locked, there is a sign with a number to call to gain access.


  1. If I purchased a vehicle entry permit and I can’t use it because the beach or day use area is full, can I get a refund?

Speak to an attendant at the gatehouse, or contact parks@gov.nt.ca to inquire about  a refund.


  1. Will there be beach volleyball nets set up or tournaments this year?

Due to the beach capacity being limited, there will be no volleyball nets or tournaments.


  1. Are kitchen shelters available to rent this year?

In order to discourage large indoor social gatherings and the risk that comes along with these events, kitchen shelters will remain closed.


  1. What is the limit for the number of boats on Long Lake?

There is no limit for boats on the lake. However, the day use boat trailer parking is limited to avoid congestion at the boat launch and dock.