NWT Parks Opening 2019: By-the-Numbers

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April 18, 2019

Northwest Territories (NWT) Parks draw visitors from around the world each year – in fact, in 2018 we welcomed a record-breaking 36,526 overnight campers to our spectacular parks.

The online reservation system for campgrounds opened over two days this week and the 2019 season is looking good. Here’s a breakdown by the numbers.

Breaking Records – Again

It was yet another year of increases for the opening event.

Day 1 bookings resulted in a whopping 909 reservations at all parks other than Fred Henne. That’s a 21% increase over 2018’s 710 reservations, which was a new record in itself.

Overall, reservations reached 1679. That’s a roughly 17% increase over last year.

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Most Popular Parks

Fred Henne Territorial Park took the title of most popular park once again, with a total of 669 bookings.  

Prelude Territorial Park took the second spot this year with 271, followed by Reid Lake Territorial Park with 260 bookings, and Fort Providence Territorial Park with 88.

Surge in Website Demand

There were over 5,100 visits to the NWT Parks campground reservation portal. During that same period, there were more than 40,000 page views generated on the NWT Parks site.

Where Is Interest Coming From?

  • Canadians showed the most interest, bringing in 89% of all site users throughout opening. Here are the top spots and how much they made up of the total:
    • 57% from the NWT
    • 26% from Alberta — roughly 3% higher than last year
    • 7% from Ontario
    • 4% from BC

Visitors from the United States made up the second-largest group, making up a total of 7% of online users. 

Do you have feedback on your experience with the NWTParks.ca website this year? We want to hear it! Send any comments or feedback to parks@gov.nt.ca.

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