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One of Our Own: Manager of Tourism Research & Planning Presents at Major Data Conference

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The GNWT’s use of data and analytics to build the Northwest Territories’ (NWT) tourism industry is world-class – a fact confirmed in November at a world-renowned market research conference.

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment’s (ITI) Manager of tourism research and planning András Lukács, Ph.D, presented findings from research conducted by Environics in collaboration with the Department of ITI’s Tourism and Parks division and five outdoor adventure operators from the NWT at the 10th annual Environics User Conference in Toronto November 16, 2016.

This conference is designed to highlight the best, most innovative use of data gleaned from Environics Analytics and Environics Research projects.

The project Lukacs presented on included focus groups and marketing research designed to enhance product development by understanding the past and finding trends.

Insights from the project helped inform the approach outlined in Tourism 2020 — the GNWT’s investment and development strategy for the NWT’s tourism sector.

The tourism sector offers the greatest potential and return for GNWT investments in regional economic development and diversification.

The innovative and leading-edge use of industry data and analytics is helping the GNWT meet its mandate commitments to provide world-class tourism facilities and support product development in partnership with the private sector.