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An Outstanding Month for Northwest Territories Film

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As the June sun is heating up the Northwest Territories (NWT), its film sector is following suit.  

There are six guest productions which have occurred or are underway across the NWT this month, with at least one taking place in each of the five regions.

This represents one of the best months on record for activity within the NWT film industry. The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) has assisted in these projects in a variety of ways, including location services and access to the NWT Film Suppliers Guide.

Dedicated support for the NWT film industry delivered by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment’s (ITI) NWT Film Commission as part of the GNWT’s mandate to invest in film as a means to foster and advance economic opportunities and diversification.  

Since the establishment of the NWT Film Commission, there has been a rise in interest and activity within the film sector. This is promising, as film offers not only extraordinary opportunities for economic diversification, but a chance for the NWT to share its unique stories with the world.

Quick Facts

  • All films underway are guest productions and made sizable financial contributions to the NWT economy.
  • Local talent was hired to help with aspects of many of the productions.
  • The Beaufort Delta received the most action, with two productions taking place in the region this month.  

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